File Servers With Performance Monitors Last Longer

flsvrMost people have a tendency to avoid planning for rough times. The thinking seems to be that if you don’t plan for it, maybe it won’t happen.

With servers, this kind of thinking will always lead to trouble because of computing rule No. 1: All computers eventually will seem slow. Servers are no exception. The server that today has more CPU power and disk speed than you can use will be as slow as an old dog tomorrow.

The good news is that with the right tools, you can prolong any server’s life. The first step, of course, is to find out just what the server is doing and exactly …

Sleep Better With A Mouthguard for Snoring

mgudfsgOne of the products that come under the category of mouthguard for snoring is called snorerx. There are enough reviews and testimonials that claim that this device has helped numerous people in their attempts to stop snoring. How true these testimonials are is open to debate. However, first-hand experience is nothing to sneeze about. Even those that only have a mild snoring problem ought to give it a try to see if it helps them get to sleep without any snoring whatsoever. It is certainly a better option than taking a sleeping pill in the hope of sound sleep assuming that it will also impact the snoring habit.

Moreover, sleeping pills can become very addictive quickly and it is best to stay away from them unless medically prescribed. Instead, wearing a mouthguard for snoring like those reviewed here before going to bed is a safer option and it is worth giving it a shot. If you need to be reminded to wear the mouthguard for snoring, you can keep it on your bedside table. That should help you reach for it every single night. If you have a partner, you could have him or her remind you as well. As long as you get used to wearing Continue reading

Get Smart With Your Client/Server Apps

clsvrEverybody knows how to build micro-based database applications, right? Just install the database program on the PC, spend a few minutes designing the database and then start writing the application.

Not in the client/server world.

With applications that involve both client and server software, quite a bit of behind-the-scenes work is required before developers can write a line of code. Unless they recognize the need for this work and schedule time for it, companies will find client/server projects inexplicably slow at first.

The client/server world involves three distinct entities: the server machine, the client machines and the network that connects the two. The server and clients must be able to …

SGI’s NT Focus Hurt Them Long Term

sgicSilicon Graphics Inc. is hoping to ride on the coattails of Windows NT to win its MIPS RISC architecture a prominent spot on the PC landscape.

According to President and CEO Edward McCracken, SGI’s strategy will be to encourage PC makers to adopt MIPS technology to distinguish their NT systems from those based on Intel Corp. processors. The proposed payoff: As NT’s market share grows, the stake in MIPS systems will increase, as will SGI’s influence in the systems business, SGI officials said.

“If NT moves beyond a niche operating system, I believe the MIPS architecture will become the most pervasive RISC architecture in the world and may over …

Get The Right Tools For Smooth Apps

cntsvrThe client/server world is brand-new for companies planning to rightsize their database operations, and that shows in the slim availability of database-management tools to support such platforms.

Many of the tools available for mainframes to control and manage data don’t yet exist in client/server database systems. Tools for monitoring, measuring, testing, evaluating and simulating the performance of the database under different allocation formats “will either not be there or will be significantly less powerful than what’s on the mainframe,” said George Schussel, president of Digital Consulting Inc., an Andover, Mass., consulting firm.

Granted, most client/server database-management systems come with tools for defining a database, allocating space for it, defining tables …

Early PCs Regrettably Avoided Multimedia

mltdaDespite a growing interest in multimedia, the PC industry is still wrestling with the best way to offer sound, CD ROM drives and other hardware components. Buyers should be aware that price and performance vary widely across the range of multimedia solutions.

While companies such as Apple Computer Inc., IBM and Tandy Corp. are committed to delivering systems with multimedia components built in, others favor supplying add-on peripherals. NEC Technologies Inc., for example, currently offers a multimedia PC upgrade kit that includes a CD ROM drive and sound board.

“Consumers want to put the best peripherals together for their applications,” said Marc Miller, vice president of NEC’s advanced media products …

Distributed Databases Require Hefty Planning

dtddbDistributed-database technology, while far from mature, continues to evolve in parallel with client/server computing.

The goal of distributed computing is to allow users to transparently read and update multiple databases running on different platforms in multiple distant sites. This ideal has not been achieved, according to observers, because as the number of different databases and hardware devices to be accommodated increases, it’s harder to put together a stable and reliable system.

“You can get pretty good distributed-database performance for [data] reads; but when you are attempting to modify or write new data, generally most database products will not give 100 percent transparency,” said Paul Winsberg, a principal partner with Database …

NT Destroyed Novell From The Very Beginning

ntdnllA recent story in a business magazine raved about a young, hotshot money manager. One example of The Kid’s savvy: He’s shorting Novell stock.

Why? Because the wunderkind is afraid of what Microsoft is about to do to Novell.

It was jarring to see it put that bluntly. But the notion wasn’t so different from what I’ve heard from other money managers and analysts, and from a number of the seers and gurus in the computer press, as well.

Let’s not go overboard here. Novell’s 60 percent-plus share of the network operating system market is a solid base. With the acquisition of Unix System Laboratories, the strengthening of Novell’s …

Middleware Makes Good On Its Promises

mdwImagine seamlessly accessing data from IBM AS/400, HP 9000 and PC servers, regardless of the type of client platform. Better still, imagine developing an application that runs on multiple clients and integrates with these servers without prior knowledge of what those platforms are.

Creating such a truly distributed computing environment is the goal of a growing class of software called “middleware,” which provides a common interface for diverse front ends and servers. With so many approaches to client/server computing and a diverse installed base, the demand for middleware is increasing. By definition, client/server applications demand the seamless integration of software across computer platforms, operating systems and networks.

One new middleware …